What your venue says about you

17 Jul 2019
Every part of every event is a statement about its organiser. Or rather, the company or brand the organiser represents. Whether you’re holding an awards do, a conference, an internal meeting or a company summer party, the venue in which you choose to host your event is a clear statement of who you are and what you’re all about. So make sure you’ve thought about the following things before you make your booking.

The City of London – the ideal event destination

30 Apr 2019
There are so many things to think about when planning an event – be it a conference, exhibition, party or awards ceremony – but every planner needs to start their journey by answering the same question. Where? Location is key to any event’s success, so it’s well worth doing your research properly before you go any further.


2019 summer party trends

23 Apr 2019
As the UK begins to thaw out and the signs of spring begin to pop up all over the place, everyone in the Events Team office at The HAC has started to get excited about summer parties – our favourite time of year. Our 2019 summer party package has a Secret Garden Theme and promises to be our biggest and best summer season yet.


How to choose your wedding theme

22 Mar 2019
Lots of couples find planning a wedding a daunting task. The venue, the flowers, the dress – where to begin? But once you’ve chosen a theme you’ll find the options narrow down for every subsequent decision and the whole journey becomes a lot easier - enjoyable, even. So to get you started we’ve pulled together some ideas to get you thinking about which theme might suit you best.

HAC Welcomes New Caterer to Armoury House

1 Mar 2019
Searcys is excited to be joining the HAC from 1st March 2019. The Long Room is such a unique setting, and the offer is undergoing an exciting makeover to match the majesty of the room. New menus and staff uniforms will be introduced. Using seasonal and high-quality local produce, our chefs have reimagined the classic British fare we all love.

New Year’s resolutions for #Eventprofs

14 Dec 2018
It’s that time of year again, when we all start looking back at the last 12 months and forward to the next 12. It’s a time for reflection and hopefully the eve of new beginnings. 
We wanted to take a look at some of the ways event industry professionals can take steps towards taking better care of their physical and mental wellbeing throughout 2019, and beyond.


Christmas Cocktails at The HAC

4 Dec 2018

This time of year is our favourite with all the decorations, food and festive cheer. Chatting in the events office at The HAC, one thing keeps coming up as our teams season highlight... Christmas cocktails!

Why a winter wedding at the HAC

15 Oct 2018
There’s something so special about a winter wedding, but it takes a certain kind of venue to make it a truly magical occasion. Here at The HAC we have four spaces which are licenced to hold weddings and civil partnerships, each one with its own charms and merits when it comes to nuptials held in the colder months of the year. Read on to find out why our couples choose our historic venue and how we help make their big day one to remember…

How and why the HAC gets conferencing right

8 Oct 2018
As any event organiser knows, there are a myriad of threads that pull together when putting on a successful conference, so it only takes one loose strand to unravel the whole thing. Here at The HAC we understand the complexities involved in hosting large conferences and have complete confidence in our facilities, staff and services. Let us tell you why…

Saracens in the City

10 Aug 2018
This summer you have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the best international stars of rugby when Saracens take on Ospreys in the heart of London.

How to host the perfect sporting event

18 Jul 2018
This month The HAC is proud to host one of our regular rugby teams, Saracens, in a pre-season game against the Ospreys. We host a range of sporting events throughout the year and have learnt a thing or two along the way about how to get it right. Whether you’re organising a public-attended rugby match, a football day for staff or a cricket match for clients there are certain rules of thumb to follow during the planning journey. It’s quite likely the actual match, game or race will be the central focus of your efforts, but the secret to success is being able to get all the other threads (catering, transport, scheduling…) seamlessly pulling together so your guests can sit back and enjoy the sport.

Summer Parties on our Terrace

13 Jul 2018
Organising a summer party in the City can be a tricky affair. You want to give your colleagues a complete change of scene, a day to remember and a real sense of fun, but how do you create pure escapism without bussing everyone out to the countryside or coast? The HAC is a special venue in many respects, but what makes it unique in the Square Mile is its beautiful – and plentiful – outside space.

It's the little things

25 Jun 2018
Choosing a venue is likely to be the biggest decision an organiser makes during their planning journey, but the choice is about so much more than just finding a nice looking space that can accommodate your numbers and date. Small details can make a huge difference in helping an event reach its potential, so make sure you know what to be on the lookout for when you’re visiting your short-list.

Ice Breaker Games

25 Apr 2018
Whether you’re hosting a meeting, conference, dinner or drinks reception, it’s the interaction between your guests that will make your event a true success. Even if your attendees know each other really well, your event will be putting them in a different environment and shaking up everyday dynamics, so why not offer them a helping hand?

Ideas for your 1920s Christmas Party

23 Apr 2018
We get very excited about the HAC’s Christmas parties. Every year we choose a different theme and really go to town with the decorations, entertainment and special touches. This year we’re going for one of the most stylish themes out there – 1920s. If you’re thinking of hosting a 1920s event, take a read of our advice on how to make it one to remember.

Real Life Weddings: Our Perfect Day

19 Feb 2018
We host dozens of weddings throughout the year at the HAC. The promise of a summer drinks reception in our five-acres of garden is often what draws couples to the venue. But as Alex and Will discovered, Armoury House has so much to offer on the inside too. Alex takes us through their special day and tells us why they feel our historic venue was the perfect choice for their winter wedding.