All Wrapped Up?

Why choose an event package - 02/10/2017

Here at The HAC we’ve noticed an increase in clients opting for event packages. Across the board from Christmas and summer parties to conference Day Delegate Rates, there’s a growing demand for all-inclusive pricing. But why are so many organisers choosing this way of planning their events and how can we, as a venue, make sure we deliver outstanding service and the right range of options?

Why organisers choose packages…

Tried and tested

One of the main reasons any organiser books a package at a venue is for safety. If said package is already in existence, it implies the Venue Team (who would have vast experience in hosting such events) is giving the package its seal of approval. The team members know what makes events work at their venue, and this is their recommendation of what you need to do and how to do it.

Transparency and budgeting

Breaking down all the costs involved in organising an event and creating a budget spreadsheet is a big task. By booking a package, a planner doesn’t have to think about every little detail that might incur a cost, as this is already done for them. They are also less likely to discover an unexpected expense at the eleventh hour, like furniture hire or corkage. The simplicity of booking a package with a transparent pricing structure takes a lot of the work and worry out of the financial planning of an event. 

Getting a deal

The implication with a package is that it’s going to be cheaper than booking all elements of your event separately, as is often the case with ‘buying in bulk’. As anyone who’s ever organised an event knows, it’s the endless ‘add ons’ which push you over your spending limit.

Getting it right


Upgrades give your clients the flexibility and control to make a package event more bespoke by giving them the chance to spend their budget on the things that are important to them. To have an enhanced option for a range of elements keeps the pricing simple but hands over more creative control to your client.

Upgrade areas could include:

Menus - both the type of catering (from canapes and bowl food to a gala dinner) and the actual dishes on offer
Refreshment/snack breaks – the number of breaks during a conference and the range of drinks and food served
Entertainment – the choice of DJs, discos, live music and entertainment acts can vary hugely depending on the organiser’s vision
Theming and lighting – a great way for organisers to make a space feel unique  
Welcome drinks – planners could choose from house wines to specialist cocktails or Champagne
Wine choices – a great upgrade for discerning clientele
Cloakroom facilities – a manned cloakroom can add an air of professionalism to an event

The packages at The HAC

As well as Christmas and summer parties, DDRs and weddings, we are also soon to launch a fine dining package, due to popular demand. Our fabulous wine merchant, Ellis of Richmond, will pair wine and menu choices for clients making their fine dining experience even more memorable. For details on all of our current packages select the type of event you want to hold on our homepage.