Meet the Team - Ian McConnell

Meet the Team - Ian McConnell - 05/04/2016

Name and role? Ian McConnell, Operations Manager.

What do you love most about the HAC as a venue? The variety of events.

What is your favourite part of the working day? When the client arrives and sees the PCR all lit and laid up for the first time.

What is your most memorable event and why? The Queen’s visit in her Golden Jubilee year. Memorable as I was alone with the Queen for a short while and she started up a conversation with me.

What is the most unusual request you have had from a customer? If I could store the ashes of their father here for them until they were spread the following week.

Which three guests would you invite to a dinner you were hosting in the Long Room? Bob Marley, Ricky Gervais and Leonardo Da Vinci.