Strength of Brand

Strength of Brand - 06/07/2016

Strength of Brand
Picture the scene:
You’re an organiser, putting on one of the City’s staple annual events, the Great City Race. As in previous years, the 5,000 places sold months before the cut-off date and the whole community is buzzing as the big day draws near. But then, disaster strikes, TfL announces a 24-hr Underground strike – game over, right? Wrong.
In 2015 thousands of City workers took to the streets to run the Great City Race, as they have done every year since the event started back in 20xx. Despite the inconvenience of getting to the starting line at The HAC on foot and having to commit to a much longer journey home, the event went forward seemingly unaffected by the disruption. Why? Thanks to the strength of the race’s brand.
But what makes a brand inspire such loyalty? What can other company’s do to take stock of where their business sits in the marketplace and more importantly, what can we all do to try and give our own company’s a brand boost?
Track record

Doing what you do well and consistently is an ethos every business should have at its very heart. Pitching any client with the power of a widely acknowledged fabulous track record behind you makes life a lot easier! Like most aspects of brand strength, this is something that builds over time and needs weaving into all long-term strategies.

A flawless reputation for quality of service or product should follow a good track record. This is how you manage to branch into the consciousness of potential clients and the wider industry.

What is it you do? It’s best to focus on one thing and do it brilliantly. You may well have other strings to your bow, but for marketing purposes, focus on your main strength to save muddying the waters and appearing like a Jack of all trades.

Is your branding (logo, website, brochures, business cards etc.) recognisable and consistent? Is it good enough? Does it reflect who you are and what you do, what you stand for and how you want to present yourself to the rest of the world? Asking yourself these questions will help you determine if you need to work on your ‘look’.

Every single person in your organisation represents your business. People might only come into contact with a small part of your workforce, but their experience needs to be entirely positive from start to finish. It’s worth spending time looking at every ‘contact point’ you have with clients, potential clients, the public etc. Is your customer service consistently excellent?
The HAC and the Great City Race

We’re proud to be the starting point of the Great City Race. There’s still time to register your company to be in with a chance of taking part in the 2016 event.