Supporting our Local Producers

Supporting our Local Producers - 29/11/2016

Here at The HAC we believe that sourcing the finest ingredients from ethically-sound, local suppliers is the first step in creating truly fabulous menus.
We asked one of our chefs, Billy Cronin, to share with us details of some of his favourite suppliers to give you an idea of the quality of food your guests can expect to be served at an HAC event. We also asked him to create some seasonal recipes based on dishes from our menus so you can test out some of his meals at home. Enjoy!

‘We like to champion British cheese wherever possible, and one of our favourite suppliers is West Horsely Dairy,’ says Billy. ‘They make a fabulous cheese called the Sussex Charmer, which is a British take on Parmesan. We also get some fantastic goats’ cheeses and curds from them as well as a delicious Brighton Blue – a personal favourite of mine.

‘One of our biggest suppliers for meat is the Red Tractor-approved company, CMB Foods Ltd. Their chicken comes from farms in Shropshire and is second-to-none, as is their beef which comes from Guildford. All of their pork sausages are made with Freedom Foods British Pork and their lamb is reared right on our doorstep in farms in Kent and Surrey.
Specialist Meat and Fish

‘For our venison and game we turn to IMS of Smithfield. It takes great care to get game right when cooking it, so it’s imperative to have the best birds possible.
‘A quality fish purveyor, Upstream Seafoods is where we source our Cornish and Scottish seafood, including farmed salmon and cod.
Unusual Extras

‘Nurtured in Norfolk is a fantastic supplier of micro herbs, flowers and cresses. Used sparingly and cleverly, these ingredients add colour and most importantly flavour to our dishes from desserts to starters. The company is run by two ex-chefs so they understand why quality and consistency is a must with any supplier.’

The Recipes 

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