The Importance of Corporate Team Building

The Importance of Corporate Team Building - 13/07/2016

Corporate Team Building Days

With targets to reach, deadlines to meet and clients to keep happy, it’s no wonder the idea of organising a staff away day is way down many managers’ to do lists. But if you take a look at the benefits of a team-building day, you’ll see what a hugely positive affect it can have on even the busiest of offices.

Whatever business you’re in, there’ll be an appropriate day for your team, whether you’re looking for an ‘It’s a Knock Out’ style event, a sports day or even a murder mystery dinner, you can tailor the games and sessions to get the best out of your staff.  

A day off-site

However much employees love their jobs, everybody enjoys a change, and a day out of the office is likely to be well received. A new environment will instil a sense of excitement among your team, especially if you’ve chosen an inspiring venue - being catered for is also something your staff will appreciate. Plus, there are loads of opportunities to have fun on away days, which is important for team morale. 

Challenging your staff

One of the most interesting things about a team building day is that your colleagues are going to be put in situations out of the norm and often, out of their comfort zones. Not a position many people will voluntarily sign up for. But, once the day is over a renewed energy and general feeling of accomplishment will follow you all back to the office, and you’ll be hard-pushed to find anyone who didn’t find the experience a positive one. 

Bonding and networking

It’s all too easy to get stuck in a rut in office life. The people you say hello to, the depth of your personal chit chat, the colleagues you make tea for or go for lunch with. When organising an away day, if you can ensure departments and social cliques are broken up for activities, then new allegiances are likely to form which is always going to benefit the team as a whole on your return to work. 

Untapped potential

Junior members of staff or colleagues who’ve been in their jobs for a long time might have a whole host of hidden talents you’ve yet to discover. Getting people out of their routines and roles might unleash skills you could really use in the workplace. It will also enable you as a manager to see your staff in a different way and help get more out of them.

Work-related goal

A team day out doesn’t need to be completely separate to the day-to-day work you do in the office. If you have a special project coming up, or an area of business you need to brainstorm, factor this in as part of your day. Once you’ve got your team warmed up and thinking differently start the session and see how creative the discussion gets. 

Do something valuable

Another way you can add value to your team building day is to base your away day around a charity project. As well as giving a helping hand this will also give your colleagues a real sense of achievement.

Team away days at The HAC

The Artillery Gardens at The HAC is five-acre plot of lush green lawn in the heart of the City. We host hundreds of sports events and corporate team buildings events every year and can host large numbers for away days. Give our Events Team a call to discuss your next company team building day on 020 7382 1533.