Mess Club

The Honourable Artillery Company Mess Club was founded on 1st November 1819 and is the Company's premier dining club with approximately 400 members from the Active Unit and the Veteran membership. Membership is only open to subscribing Regimental members of the HAC, and to the Chief Executive.  Names of candidates for membership are proposed by existing members of the Club in writing to the Honorary Secretary, and the election of new members is decided by a majority of the Committee. Membership of the Club consists predominantly of those Regimental members who have done that little bit more for the Regiment. Dinners are normally held in September/October, December and February, and there is a Ladies' Dinner in May when Members can bring their wives or partners. Traditionally at the February Dinner which is known as the Civic dinner, the Lord Mayor and the Sheriffs of the City of London are invited as guests of the Club and many Past Masters and members of the Liveries come as guests of the Members.

The Management of the Club consists of the President, Senior Vice President, Junior Vice President, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Assistant Secretary and a Committee of six. The office of President is held for one dining season. All past Presidents of the Club and the Regimental Colonel for the time being are ex officio members of the Committee.

Full details of our functions can be found in the Members Area.