Cricket Club

Cricket has been played on the Artillery Garden at least since 1725.  In the 18th Century the game fell into disrepute on account of the substantial wagers it attracted, and was eventually banned. The Court finally was persuaded to allow cricket to be played, subject to rules and restrictions, in 1846, and the game has been seen as a useful recruiting attraction ever since.

With the decline in Saturday working after the War, and the more recent requirement for Active Unit members to train on weekends, the Club sides have been open to non-members in order to ensure fully-manned teams. The Active Unit have their own Squadrons XI, which plays on weekdays to fit in with the military training schedule. The Club sides, 1st, 2nd and A XIs, play a full fixtures list throughout the summer, and a winter tour is usually organised. Armoury House is a popular venue for matches, given its convenience for City-based teams, its attractive location and high-quality grounds, and the hospitality which the Club can offer.

Those interested in joining the club should contact Ed Haines on