Association Football Club


HAC Association Football Club

A Soccer Club has existed at the HAC since 1897, and matches have been played at Armoury House consistently since then, except when trenches were dug in the World Wars.  More recently, the erection of the Winter Marquees on the erstwhile soccer pitch has obliged the Club to seek facilities elsewhere for the majority of the season.

The Club’s fixtures traditionally involved other military units, and public schools, and in due course the Club joined the football league.  With the increased pressure on the modern Territorial Army, it has been difficult to attract Regimental members to commit to playing regularly.  The Club's 1st and 2nd XI are composed of Associate members, who have usually played to a high standard at university and wish to continue to play competitive soccer, happily for a club with a great reputation.  The Veterans side includes a higher proportion of HAC members.