Association Football Club

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The HAC Association Football Club was founded in 1897, though the connection with football goes back further, as in 1863 an HAC member Cowper "CD" Jackson, aged 24, helped to frame the first laws of football.

The club is open to all, welcoming players from outside the Regiment. With the Army Reserve requiring increased commitment from individuals, regrettably no Regimental members have committed to football in recent years. The two HAC teams consist mainly of former university first team footballers, proud to represent a club with such tradition.  
Home fixtures are usually played at the Griffin Sports Ground, a pleasant university facility at 12 Dulwich Village. A few matches are played at Armoury House, including  a longstanding annual tussle with Liverpool Ramblers every January.

The HAC compete at a high standard in the Premier Division of the Amateur Football Combination. They have finished runners-up three times since the league's formation in 2004, but they won the London Old Boys Cup in 2011, an open competition, and the AFA Surrey-Kent Senior Cup in 2012.   

HAC Reserves play in Senior Two South, only two divisions below. They won the AFA Surrey-Kent Intermediate Cup in 2016 and 2017. There is a veterans side.

Prospective players are cordially invited to contact the club's president Charles Randall on 07770 382127 or email: