Vellum Books

The Ancient Vellum Book is a composite volume which includes lists of those admitted to the Company between 15th August 1611 and 19th December 1682.

Most names have been entered by a clerk but the earliest pages include the signatures of Captain-Generals and Colonels of the Company, and of distinguished visitors and guests. Almost every monarch from King Charles II to King George IV signed the
book. It includes the signatures of many other notable figures from the seventeenth century.

A second vellum signature book dates from 1817 and contains the coats of arms and signatures of Captain-Generals and other distinguished members and visitors. Queen Victoria was an early signatory and Queen Elizabeth II, on each of her many visits to the Company, has signed the book. It is still customary that the principal guests at the Company’s annual St George’s Dinner sign the book, as well as the Lord Mayor of London on his annual official visit to the Court of Assistants.

Today, new members enter their own details into another series of larger membership vellum books, begun in July 1780, on admission to the Company.