How to get there

The address is:
Flemish Farm
High Standing Hill
Windsor Berks

BEWARE - If you put this Postcode in your SatNav IT WILL TAKE YOU TO THE WRONG PLACE.

However using the Post Code for Rangers Lodge - SL4 2JA - will get you to the traffic lights at the point on the A332 where you turn off for Flemish Farm.

Large area map

From Windsor or Ascot follow signs for A332. Flemish Farm is off the A332 as it passes through Windsor Great Park.

At the Traffic Lights (the only ones on this stretch of the A332) turn into the access road opposite Rangers Lodge entrance to Windsor Great Park, past a car park (ignore the no entry signs) to an automatic sliding gate. Follow the road up the hill and over the speed bumps to the stables.

If you're coming to a display on the Polo Practice Ground, bear right at the fork in the road in front of the stables and carry on past the buildings, back down the other side of the hill until you reach the Practice Ground on your left.

Remember, you need to look out for the traffic lights and then turn into the access road opposite Rangers Lodge.

Local map