Stable Rules

1. Dogs are NOT allowed at Flemish Farm

2. Cars:
- cars are to be parked in the car park area outside the stable complex
- cars are to be parked safely and locked at all times while parked
- care is to be taken on entering and exiting the premises because of animals and pedestrians
- the Light Cavalry accepts no liability for cars parked on the premises.

3. All Supporting Riders are requested to advise of any changes in their personal details, especially emergency contacts.

4. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas.

5. All riders and visitors are asked to be aware of safety and fire regulations.

6. Accidents (to people and/or horses) are to be reported and the accident book completed with all required details.

7. All members of the Light Cavalry and Supporting Riders are reminded that riding can be a high risk sport and that all riders ride at their own risk. All riders must therefore have personal and third party accident insurance.

8. All visitors should report to the Stable Manager or instructor on arrival.

9. All gates and doors are to be kept shut as appropriate.

10. Standard 'use of school' rules apply:

  • request permission to enter
  • give warning on leaving the school
  • no lungeing without agreement from other school users
  • pass right shoulder to right shoulder
  • give warning if riding a young or difficult horse.

11. Stable/school lights are to be switched off after use.

12. All rides and lessons are to be paid for immediately by cheque.

13. A minimum of 24 hours notice of cancellation is required to avoid payment of full fee.

14. For all lessons, hacking and exercise, appropriate riding clothes will be worn:

  • boots without ridged soles
  • properly fitting riding hat that conforms to current regulations
  • breeches/jodhpurs or chaps
  • body protector - especially for hacks
  • high visibility vest when riding out October 1st to April 1st.

All riders are expected to prepare their own horses for riding (brush off/tack up) and to set them fair after riding (untack/brush off/clean tack). Anyone who needs instruction on this should ask a member of staff.