HAC Open Evening 2017

Soldiers from the Regiment and from 19 other mainly London-based Regular and Reserve units were on hand to show off some of their vehicles and equipment and to demonstrate what they do to members of the public. Also in attendance were a number of leading military charities, including the Company’s current partner charity, ABF, The Soldiers’ Charity.               
As ever, the biggest draw were the set piece displays in the arena area of the Artillery Garden. These started in dramatic fashion with a demonstration by the City of London Police Dog Section, showing off the professionalism and training of their four-legged companions. This was promptly followed by a flamboyant marching and shooting display by the Company of Pikemen & Musketeers and their black powder muskets!
Visitors were then wowed as the sound of the L118 Light Gun reverberated around the buildings of the Artillery Garden with a short Gun Salute: two single shots and then a simultaneous volley from the two Guns on show.
The next Light Gun to fire was not ceremonial. This time the HAC’s Gun Troop took on their Regular counterparts in a race to get their gun ‘into action’, a race the Reservists won - as signalled by the single shot that rang through the grounds.
More gunfire followed, this time from small arms, with a display of contemporary operations from the HAC and the London Regiment as they quelled the ‘insurgents’.
The last display was the Beating Retreat and Sunset Ceremony by the Band and Corps of Drums of the HAC performed in front of the Commanding Officer, Lt Col Mark Wood. Finally, the evening culminated with the dramatic departure of the two Army Air Corps AH-64 Apache helicopters. They had been a popular attraction to visitors throughout the evening and left to great applause from the crowd.