The HAC in the Great War - December 1917

The keys of the City of Jerusalem were handed to the Commander of 60th Division on the morning of 8th December 1917 and Allenby entered the city on 11th December.

For A and B batteries this completed a phase of fighting that had kept them on the move, in and out of action, pressed for water and supplies, for over a month.

Their routine was now dominated by the need to rest and recuperate, particularly the horses, and survive constant driving and very cold rain which seemed to come to a crescendo on Christmas Eve!

Similarly, weather dominated the lives of the 2nd Battalion, who were now beset by snow in northern Italy whilst in France the Siege battery too was rested from 21st December. 2/A Battery had luck when the positions it vacated on Christmas Eve were destroyed, completely, by shellfire on Christmas morning.

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