The HAC in the Great War - February 1918

The 2nd Battalion, in Italy, spent February 1918 in and out of the line around the Montello. Company headquarters were based in farmhouses overlooking the river Piave and, whilst there was occasional shelling and air activity, nothing was “uncomfortably common or offensive”. Platoon commanders made efforts to cross the Piave to patrol, but the river remained in spat.

In France 2/A and 2/B Batteries had been completely re-equipped in January and spent February moving locations and working up on their new equipment - in each case six new and untried 18-pounder field artillery pieces, whilst the Siege Battery was brought up to strength and spent the month at the 5th Army Artillery School. All three batteries had been sorely tested at Passchendaele and their time out of the line was much needed.

In Palestine, A and B batteries were likewise resting as the Army rebalanced following its victories at the end of 1917.