The HAC in the Great War - July 1917

The 2nd Battalion spent the month on the Bullecourt Front, mainly out of the line but close enough to lose six soldiers to shell fire. Every soldier who had, for any reason, to move back to Battalion Headquarters was required to carry as much salvage as possible. Sixty to eighty rifles, equipment and clothing were typical loads, which indicated something of the savagery of the fighting that had taken place in May.
The HAC’s Siege Battery had deployed to Flanders in April 1917. It was equipped with four six-inch howitzers which fired a shell weighing 100lbs some 10,000 yards. The battery fired its first shot on 10th May 1917 and was, thereafter, continuously in action.
By the end of June the battery was near Poelcapelle, commencing work in support of the Passchendaele Offensive that was to begin at the end of the month. In the same month 2/A battery fired its first shots, in response to an emergency call from the infantry to its front; 2/B Battery was likewise setting in after arriving in Flanders. Here at home, Lieutenants Haine and Pollard were awarded the Victoria Cross by King George V.