The HAC in the Great War - July 1918

In Italy, the 2nd Battalion began the month on 4th July with a very successful raid on Austrian positions known as Stella Spur, capturing two vital prisoners. One Military Cross and four Military Medals were awarded to the soldiers who took part in this operation. The Battalion then rested, completing a great deal of training in bombing and gunnery, playing sport and intermittently manning a support line until the 1st August.

In Palestine, A  and B Batteries remained in the sweltering Jordan Valley (The highest temperature recorded was 50C ) until the end of the month, and were busy in support of the Australian Light Horse when the enemy attacked on 13th July. The attack was repulsed over 24 hours and it is significant that the two attacking Turkish division had with them three battalions of German infantry.

In Flanders, 2/A  and 2/B Batteries spent the month in silent positions, ordered to fire only in the event of a German attack. It was already clear that a British offensive was in the offing, and both batteries were involved in the study of more open warfare as well as managing the early effects of influenza.

The Siege Battery also had a relatively quiet month, firing in support or an Australian and American attack on 4th July.