The HAC in the Great War - March 1918

The 2nd Battalion so nearly returned to France in March 1918. The advance party had even gone to the station to load stores on 4th March when the order was cancelled, and a decision was announced to leave three British divisions in northern Italy.

Instead, the Battalion moved to a location near Padua and began training for a summer of operations on the Asiago Plateau. It was hard, hot work, but the Battalion was well supplied, and had plenty of opportunity for R&R in Padua. The move to the Asiago Plateau began at the end of the month.

In France, 2/B battery moved into positions to support Portuguese troops.  Their orders included the stipulation that: “children shall in no cases be allowed to sell chocolate on the Battery position”. It was a quietish period brought to an end by the German attack further south on 21st March when the Battery moved to near Maroc, north of Arras. The Kaiserschlacht Spring Offensive affected both other batteries as well.

2/A Battery spent the rest of the month on the move from one position to another and the Siege battery, with six new guns , moved out of Sailly on 22nd March, coming into action to against the German advance on 24th March, withdrawing, and then finally establishing a firm position on 27th March.