British tourists discover HAC WWI graves in Italy

Travellers in Italy last week sent this photograph. It is the grave of Private Hore from Gillingham Kent, of the 2nd battalion HAC.  He was killed in April 1918.  The grave is one of three HAC graves in the Barenthal Great War high on the Asiago Plateau.  They described the graveyard as “extraordinarily remote and inaccessible and horrendously vivid in terms of terrain and easily imagined winter conditions.  There are quite a few separate small cemeteries there, all designed by the Scottish architect, Lorimer, and rather teutonic-looking - quite unlike the English Country Churchyard feel of the ones on the Western Front”.

Grave of Private Hore from Gillingham Kent, of the 2nd battalion HAC.

The 2nd battalion moved to Italy from France in November 1917.  Like all good secrets it was an old lady, watching them parade in France, who broke the news of their impending move south!