Battlefield at Beersheba

Mike St Maur Sheil is a photographer and designer of photographic exhibitions commemorating the Great War. 

He juxtaposes historical battlefield photographs with modern images showing the same landscape, often repaired by the passage of time.  He has recently sent us the one below of the battlefield at Beersheba, where B Battery was in action in October 1917, covering an attack on a Turkish position called Tel el Saba, the very small hill on the right of photograph above.

The site was first fortified 11,000 years ago and it now a UNESCO heritage site; the Australian Light Horse made a famous charge across the plain to the left of the picture and it is fascinating to think just how similar, and yet different the fighting would have been 11 millennia before. 

Battlefield at Beersheba: Location of HAC's B Battery in action during October 1917.