HAC Embarks Upon the Challenge to Climb Mount Everest in 2015

One of our members is planning to climb Everest this year. leaving Britain in early April, he expeditiion hoes to summit the highest mountain in the world in mid-May 2015.


Images courtesy of National Geographic

As you can see from the photograph below, the time for talking has passed and final preparations and training are underway; including three weeks in the Cairngorms, inhospitable at this time of year, conducting kit checks and emergency drills' training as a complete team.

Perhaps the most surreal stage of final training will then take place at Leeds University, when the whole team will live in an artificial environment training facility - where the atmospheric pressure will be reduced to the equivalent of 30,000 feet and the temperature reduced to -50°C!  

Leaving Britain in early April, the expedition hopes to summit the highest mountain in the world in mid-May. We wish them the best of luck!

Top of the World: HAC Officer in preparation and training to climb the highest mountain in the world...Everest.