HAC Joins Mayor of Islington to Raise Flag of St George

Dignitaries from the Honourable Artillery Company joined the mayor of Islington to raise the flag of St George over the Town Hall to mark the nation’s patron saint day.

A small delegation from the Armoury House, in City Road, EC1, joined Cllr Theresa Debono and her consort Tony for a brief ceremony on the roof of Islington Town Hall, in Upper Street, N1, led by Rev Jennifer Potter.

Members of the HAC Regiment, Pikemen and Musketeers, Light Cavalry and Sheriff of Islington, Brian Kay, were greeted by Islington Council chief executive Lesley Seary ahead of the ceremony, at 10am on Thursday 23 April.

Rev Jennifer Potter, of Wesley’s Chapel in City Road, EC1, said the occasion also coincided with the 100th anniversary of the start of the company’s efforts in Alexandria and Gallipoli in April 1915 during World War One, adding that raising the flag was a tribute to the men who lost their lives fighting for king and country.

She said: “It is my pleasure to be here today. A week ago I was in Ypres with a group from our London Methodist Churches. We visited a number of the battlefields nearby before moving on to Mons.

“There both British and German soldiers lost their lives and are buried side by side and we were amazed throughout the whole experience of the number of soldiers who died and the 43,000 who have not been accounted for.

“It is also anniversary of the start of the Gallipoli campaign.”

Credit to Henry Ellis, Islington Council Press office