HAC Members in the Aftermath of Nepal Earthquake

Graeme Howell, HAC, has taken a break from fire-fighting in the UK and is currently on the ground in Nepal assisting with the rescue and emergency care of survivors of the recent earthquakes in the region. We are very proud that one of our members is actively volunteering 'hands on' and using his previous military experience to teach survival skills to those who most require food, shelter and medical care at this present time.

B&B: Graeme's temporary lodgings whilst volunteering in Nepal.

Food supplies: 1800kg of rice distributed to 150 people, from donations generated online.

Appreciation: The locals are happy that people have volunteered to assist them with vital necessities such as food, shelter and clean drinking water. 

In addition, we are delighted that our British Army Everest team have returned to the UK, safe and well. Having been situated at advanced base camp (6300m) when the first earthquake hit, they lost all communications whilst car sized rocks and scree were falling around them. They could hear the rock slides and avalanches charging down the mountain, but could not see them. 

National Geographic: Mount Everest

In the aftermath, all transport and communication links to Kathmandu were either destroyed or over run - and the team faced the devasting news of the thousands of civilians who had died in Nepal. The April 25th quake, measured 7.8 on the Richter scale, the largest since the 1934 Bihar quake, which measured and killed around 10,000. Another quake in Kashmir in 2005, measuring 7.6 killed around 80,000 people. These quakes are a dramatic manifestion of the ongoing convergence between the Indo-Australian and Asian tectonic plates that has progressively built the Himalayas over the last 50 million years.

We applaude those who have offered charity and volunteered in assisting the rescue and recovery of those most vulnerable in an earthquake prone zone - especially whilst a second earthquake (7.3 moment magnitude scale) hit the area on 12th May, 2015.