Summer Marquee Funfair Constructed on Arty Gardens for the 69th year

Mr Bob Rawlings began setting up the funfair for the summer marquee recently – for the 69th year!  He first came to the Artillery Garden in 1946, aged 18, having just missed call up for the War.  It was in preparation for the first summer ball since the war.

Bob Rawlings has been setting up the funfair at HAC since 1946

He remembers at that time that the buildings in the south west corner had been demolished by German bombing in 1940, and it was possible to stand in the Garden and see St Pauls Cathedral through the gap.  He followed in the wake of a fine family tradition here, and his wife’s grandfather, John Beach, used to bring steam engines on to the Garden in the 1920s. In those days the South gate had to be taken down to get the engines through. 

The Flank Companies' Ball continues to reap the benefits of the funfair on Artillery Garden and our members will have much fun and enjoyment at the party at the end of this month.

Below: HAC Funfair on Artillery Garden in 2015