The London Open City 2015

The HAC welcomed 1061 people to Armoury House on Saturday afternoon as part of London Open City 2015. 

Members of the Company were on hand to answer questions we had thought of and try to answer questions we had never thought of.  It was a great privilege to be able to open these very special grounds and the House to members of the public, some of whom were embarked on an architectural marathon over the weekend, visiting as many sites as they could, and some of whom, like two Australian tourists in London for the day, had no idea the opportunity was there until they walked past the banner outside our gate. 

In addition, we raised 223.08 for the Army Benevolent Fund from donations from our generous visitors.

We look forward to extending inviations to members of the public at the next Open City weekend in 2016. 

In the HAC Museum: The Ancient Vellum book, c.1635-1796. Shows the signatures of Princes Charles and James (later Charles II and James II) when admitted to the Company on 1st June 1641. Also shown is the Prince of Orange's signature (later William III) dated 6th Decemeber 1670.

On the main stairs of Armoury House: (Above): 'Scarlet' is an ancient mark or Rover and is one of a number of similar stones used by the HAC for archery from 1537 to 1792, which formerly extended from the artillery ground to Islington Common and removed from a wall near the canal bridge in New North Road in July 1881. 

(Below): A plan of the area as depicted before the construction of the Grand Canal c.1737. Members of the public were intrigued to see where the rovers were distributed, particularly those residents from the area of Islington and the City of London. 

The Great War Display: An interesting array in the museum of items belonging to HAC soldiers who fought in WWI. 

In the Museum: (Above): A list of the dates and events the HAC were involved in during the Great War period. 

(Below): 'Arma Pacis Fulcra': The Company's arms, painted c.1635