The Special Constabulary

history of the special constabulary at the hac

In previous centuries, the HAC has frequently provided aid to the Civil Power. Most famously, in the disturbances known as the Gordon Riots of June 1780, the Artillery Company and the London Military Foot Association (another body of gentlemen volunteers) helped to end six days of rioting.

Following a decision in 1919 to increase the strength of the Metropolitan Police Reserve Force, Colonel the Earl of Denbigh and Desmond, who was then Colonel Commandant of the HAC, invited past and present members of the Company to become Special Constables. Some 150 members, mostly Great War veterans, rallied to the call and joined the Division.

Following the outbreak of the Second World War the Detachment was integrated into G Division of the Metropolitan Police covering Shoreditch, and then later with Islington Division. For operational reasons, the Detachment transferred to the City of London Police in May 2003. The Detachment is an element of the Active Unit and has an expanding membership (currently 30 strong). It has specific duties in the City and in the area of Armoury House and Artillery Garden.

The hac detachment of the special constabulary

Established in 1919, the Honourable Artillery Company Detachment of Special Constabulary is attached to the City of London Police, and assists in maintaining law and order in the City of London.Today, the Detachment forms part of the City of London Police and is an Active Unit of the HAC. Its administrative base continues to be at Armoury House.

Members joining the Special Constabulary are given training at a police college and, once qualified, use Armoury House as their base for a very wide range of activities including traditional policing on the street, special duties and, working closely with Regular police colleagues, policing at ceremonial and public occasions. All this is backed up by professional training and the full range of modern policing resources.

the city of london police cadets

2012 saw the launch of the City of London Police Cadets. 30 children between the ages of 14 and 18, many from underprivileged or difficult backgrounds, attend Armoury House every week for drill, fitness and basic police training. This is provided by police officers and Special Constables on a voluntary basis and also by the HAC Police Detachment’s own Permanent Staff Instructors