The Special Constabulary

Established in 1919, the Honourable Artillery Company Detachment of Special Constabulary is attached to the City of London Police, and assists in maintaining law and order in the City of London.

The Detachment undertakes a very wide range of activities including traditional policing on the street, special duties and policing at ceremonial and public occasions, working closely with our Regular colleagues. All this is backed up by professional training and the full range of modern police resources:

  • You will undertake interesting and exciting patrols, enabling you to become directly involved in the front line battle against crime

  • You will have the opportunity to use your own skills and experience in the duties you undertake

  • You will assist in the policing of various enjoyable public events such as the London Marathon and the Lord Mayor's Parade

  • You will be fully trained for the duties you undertake and have the backup of modern police resources for whatever may be encountered on the street