Frequently Asked Questions

What are Special Constables?

Special Constables are volunteer Police Officers with the same powers, responsibilities and subject to the same disciplinary code as regular Officers.

What training do Special Constables receive?

The initial training takes place over a period of approximately six months.  Over this period candidates typically attend classes every other week end (Saturday and Sunday) as well as on Wednesday evenings.
Following completion of the initial training probationer Special Constables are typically mentored by more experienced Officers, receive regular Personal Safety Training and First Aid refresher
courses, ongoing training covering new laws and procedures and more specialised training as local Operational Policing requirements require.

What time commitments are required from City of London Special Constables?

City of London Special Constables are required to;

1. Perform the mandatory duties of the London Marathon, the Lord Mayors show and all mandatory training
2. Complete a minimum or 200 hours of duties each year

Do Special Constables receive a salary?

No. Special Constables do not receive a salary. Out-of-pocket expenses for travelling to and from duty (subject to geographical limitations) and a refreshments allowance can be claimed.

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