Charitable Activities

"HAC1537 Charitable Partnership" with ABF The Soldiers' Charity

Established in 2015, the charitable partnership between the HAC and ABF The Soldiers’ Charity has raised in excess of £150,000 to support soldiers, veterans and their immediate families who are experiencing hardship.

This fantastic amount has only been possible through the generosity and sheer hard work of HAC members. ABF The Soldiers’ Charity support a number of military charities, allocating funds where they are most needed. You can find out more about the vital work they do, as well as our partnership, on their website.

HAC members have supported the partnership in numerous ways, including: running marathons; holding raffles and auctions; adding donations to ticket prices; taking part in the annual Curry Week; and attending charitable events such as the cricket City Invitational Cup.

How to Support the Partnership

Members and the public can donate directly to the Partnership via the ABF The Soldiers’ Charity's JustGiving webpage. If you would like to host an event or contribute in a different way, please contact the Company office, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Other Charitable Activities

Our Benevolent Fund exists to alleviate hardship among HAC members and their immediate dependants. We also have a legacies/gifts programme and facilitate the distribution of members' second-hand uniform. Our support of cadet units is, of course, a key part of our activities too. If you are a member and would like to find out more about any of these activities, please visit the Members' Area; for all others, please use our General Enquiries contact details.

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